Blog over het regelen van de tillift in Londen: How Medimotion made my City trip

Het is mij gelukt om in Londen een tillift te regelen. Zodoende was mijn city trip geheel naar wens verlopen. De contacten met het bedrijf verliepen geheel volgens de KRZB-filosofie. Als dank aan dit bedrijf is dit een Engelstalige testimonial

Every individual has it’s own view regarding a perfect holiday. Some of you are avid sun lovers, who can look forward to a well deserved all-inclusive. Others like to visit a campsite, or choose for the adventure by travelling with only the basic needs.

My personal favourite is to go on a city trip. Preferably to a large city. This is why I have travelled to Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels and Cologne in the past years. Since this year I can add London to this list. In my opinion the best city of all. Although I realize that this opinion might be arguable.

Going on a city trip is probably one of the five things I like to do most in life. On the other hand it has something equivocal for me.  The reason for this is my handicap. I was born prematurely and as result of that, I suffered from a brain haemorrhage, two days after. I haven’t been able to walk ever since and so I’m permanently bound to a (electrical driven) wheelchair.

Although there a nowadays many options for disabled people, there are only few options that will suit my needs and lead to a satisfactory holiday. Since I’m being used to be fully independent at home and at work, I demand the same on a holiday. I detest the fact that friends or family have to help me with washing, bathing or visit the toilet. I’d rather stay at home than to receive help with such intimate things.  This point of view is emphasized since my last city trip in 2012. The company on that trip was perfectly willing to help me with my needs, but I felt nervous by the thought of asking the to help me onto the toilet. Since I don’t control Mother Nature, I’ve had to ask the inevitable, but unlike other things, it didn’t get any easier by asking it more frequently. As a result I chose to stay at home instead of going on a holiday.

However, I’d really wanted to visit London for a long time. But only under the circumstance that I would be really self-supporting, in the way I’m at home. There, I can use a sophisticated transfer aid device, called Struzzo. The Struzzo is a device from Italy and gives disabled people the opportunity to move around whilst standing up, or sitting on a kind of saddle. Perfect for me to transfer from my wheelchair to the toilet or my bed. So, the challenge was to get the Struzzo into my hotel room prior to my arrival en have it picked up, when I left London. On top of that, I needed to find a hotel which was suitable for my needs and which was prepared to assist with the logistics.

In order to make all the arrangements, I’ve made contact with a dealer of the Struzzo in the Netherlands. They could provide me with the contact details of Gary Martin from the company Medimotion. A company based in Wales, which is a preferred supplier for the Struzzo in the United Kingdom. The thing that struck me most was the instant willingness to help me. From their point of view it was a remarkable request, since they mostly provide the Struzzo for a couple of weeks minimum. This is very understandable, considering the effort and costs they have to fulfil with the transportation and arrangements.

But, within a few days, Gary replied me with a very kind e-mail in which he stated that Medimotion was happy to oblige. He offered me a rental price, which was very reasonable, considered that they had transportation costs on their behalf. The only thing they needed was the contact details of the hotel and the dates corresponding to my stay. The rest was taken care off, Martin assured me. And everything was taken care off. The Struzzo was directly available on my arrival en the hotel staff was very helpful and well instructed.

So, thanks to Medimotion and Gary Martin in particular, I’ve had the best time in London. Of course I have to mention the Lancaster Hall Hotel (35, Craven Terrace London) as well. This hotel is very suitable for Struzzo users. I can recommend it to anyone, who needs to use a Struzzo.

I look back at a very good cooperation with Medimotion and I hope that it’s a beginning of the possibility to rent devices for only a holiday. In order to make this work I also hope that disabled people will see themselves more and more as consumers. So that i twill be attractive for companies like Medimotion to provide such services on a wide scale at a reasonable fee.

The service of Medimotion was a cherry on a delicious cake, which lasted for 4 days. I had the comfort of feeling at home, while being abroad.

Thank you Medimotion, thank you Gary, you’ve really made my citytrip.

Tim van den Wijngaard
(the Netherlands)

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